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Meet Zach: #DurhamNative Team

Hi y'all! My name is Zach. I graduated from C E Jordan High School in 2015 with Anjali and our campaign manager Jordan. It's exciting to serve as part of a team alongside my former classmates and other awesome DPS students who are dedicated to our Durham community. Anjali's run for Soil & Water District Supervisor is compelling for many reasons, one of which being how her campaign is poised to meaningfully engage Durham's youth in local electoral politics and the decisions made regarding the conservation of our natural resources. Local government is such a powerful tool that we have to shape the future of our environment and assert our generation's voice in the political process, a responsibility that Anjali is more than ready to wield given her scientific expertise and proven track record as a leader.

I'm personally excited about Anjali's campaign because I am passionate about the role of local government in advancing community interests. After graduating from Jordan, I attended the College of William & Mary where I received my BA in American Studies and focused on the history of urban planning in the United States. I researched the history of the local housing authority in Williamsburg, motivated in part by the differences and similarities in local governance I noted between my hometown and the new community I was a part of. Currently, I work at the Community Empowerment Fund in Chapel Hill where I frequently interface with local housing and workforce development systems. It's very inspiring to see one of my peers seek an elected position in local government and I believe Anjali will provide strong, fresh-thinking leadership for Durham.

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