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Meet Anjali

Ecologist, Educator, Entrepreneur, & Elected Official

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I am a Ph.D. Candidate and Dean's Graduate Fellow at Duke University in the Nicholas School of the Environment. In addition, she is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, Ford Fellow and National Geographic Explorer. My ongoing research focuses on developing more efficient and cost-effective restoration and management practices to restore and conserve vulnerable marine ecosystems. I have published multiple scientific papers and reports, and my work has been recognized by the Smithsonian, NOAA, National Academy of Sciences, Aspen Institute, and more. I am fiercely committed to increasing the representation of women and ethnic minorities in ocean science fields and elevating the voices and contributions of students and early-career scientists. I have held a myriad of leadership roles with prominent organizations and institutions. I am an Early Career Liaisons to the US National Committee for UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, a member of the Board of Directors for Black Women in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Science, and I have been appointed to served on numerous committees and taskforce at Duke University, Eckerd College, Ecological Society of America and more. As the Director of iNviTechnology, I work to combat the underrepresentation of women and ethnic minorities in STEM fields through educational entrepreneurial programs to engage children ages 0-5 and K-12 students. I also serves as an elected official in my hometown of Durham, N.C. as a Durham County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor.

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The Marine Ecologist

As a marine community ecologist, my research is focused on testing and advancing co-existence theory through field experiments, with the applied objective of increasing the resilience and productivity of foundation species (e.g. oysters, seagrass, and coral).

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As an Educator, I employ a holistic approach that incorporates socratic querying, mentorship, teaching, and curriculum development. Throughout my career, I have worked as an educator and science communicator with non-profits, school districts, and academic intuitions. Thus, I work with a myriad of diverse students of all ages and education levels (e.g. K-12, undergraduates, and master’s students). 

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The Entrepreneur

I have been immersed in the field of entrepreneurship since I was a baby, starting my first business, a private swim lesson and lifeguarding company, at the age of 15. Currently, I serve as the Director of iNviTECH, an organization focused on increasing underrepresented minority participation in STEM fields through educational entrepreneurial programs designed to engage young children ages 0-5 and K-12 students.

Elected Official

The Elected Official

As the youngest elected official in Durham, N.C. and the Durham Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor, I work to; 1) create sustainable and equitable strategies for the conservation of local soil and water resources, 2) increase representation for people of Color and Black Women in environmental conservation fields, and 3) elevate the voice of the Durham’s youth in decision-making processes.

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