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It’s Official: Anjali is a CANDIDATE for Durham Soil & Water District Supervisor.

As of 12:30pm TODAY, Anjali is officially a CANDIDATE for Durham County Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor. This afternoon, she was joined by her parents and two younger siblings at the Durham County Board of Election, as she filed her official paperwork.

Over the next few weeks, you can expect the following questions to be answered in detail by Anjali and her team, as for now here are the SparkNote answers:

1. Sooo, is Anjali really from in Durham, NC?

  • Yeappp, she sure is!

2. Who is Anjali Boyd?

3. Why should I vote for Anjali?

  • Anjali is deeply passionate about Durham, as she was born and raised here and her families have been here for generations.

  • She's studied Marine Science and Environmental Conservation intensely for the last 6 years across the U.S. (NC, MD, FL, CA, & OR) and internationally. Anjali is also a PhD student at Duke Univeristy

  • She's committed to using her experience, knowledge and education along with her immersion in the environmental conservation field to connect with and promote advocacy for our youth.

4. Why is Anjali running for Durham Soil & Water

  • That's a loaded question, but here's the SparkNote answer: 1) to serve the community that raised me and 2) to properly equip generations and communities with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed decisions on the management and conservation of Durham's natural resources.

5. Ummm, what is the Durham County Soil & Water Conservation District?

6. Is it really that important to vote?

  • YES!

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