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“Science-based, community centered.”

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North Carolina is known for producing some of the best Educators in the country. Durham is home to two highly competitive academic institutions and Durham Public Schools produced our entire #DurhamNative campaign team. Our education platform is focused on properly equipping generations and communities with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed decisions on the management and conservation of Durham’s natural resources. It's also my responsibility to listen to these same communities and learn from their perspectives on Durham's natural resources and how their relationships to them could be augmented.

Action Items

  • Securing funding for a full-time environmental education staff member

    • ​Our district recently lost our environmental educator, who worked tirelessly to expand our education programs and reach more Durham residents. This has had grave impacts on our community, our district, and our education programing. As District Supervisor I will work to gain funding for a full-time Environmental Education staffer. I will pursue alternative funding venuses (e.g. National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, etc) to accomplish this.

  • Expand the BETC program, which works to employ Durham Public Schools high school students on environmental restoration projects.

    • ​Incorporating these programs at majority-minority high schools in Durham County, such as Hillside and Riverside High School

  • Ensuring our programs and educational materials are inclusive of spanish speaking students, by creating all materials in both English and Spanish.

    • ​We have a growing Lantix community in Durham, and we need to ensure that our programs and communication materials are accessible to all. This is the same reason why our #DurhamNative team has insisted on releasing 100% of our communications in both English and Spanish at the same time.

  • Partner with educators to:

    • Raise awareness of Soil & Water, our missions, and values,

    • Ensure that local educators and our youth know about and have access to Soil & Water education funds and

    • Incorporate environmental conservation and AgScience into their yearly curriculum.




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