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Agriculture and agribusiness is the #1 industry in North Carolina, and contributes billions to the state's economy. Our Economic Development platform is focused on increasing urban agricultural and agribusiness opportunities in Durham Count and ensuring marginalized communities know about the economic opportunities available to all in Agriculture. Simultaneously, I will advocate for increased funding and resources for Durham County’s Soil & Water Conservation District. In addition to working to build partnerships with local institutions, business, and organizations to develop and implement restoration projects throughout the county.

Action Items

  • Increasing urban agriculture and agribusiness in Durham County

  • Increased funding for the Agriculture Economic Development (AED) grant

  • Build partnerships with the Sheriff’s Department to create job training programs within our County jail

  • Continuing stream and stormwater restoration projects throughout Durham County

    • ​Build partnerships with Duke University, NCCU, DPS, and local businesses/organizations to develop and implement restoration projects

  • Expand Farm-to-Table programs

  • Lower barrier of entry for GAP certification & FNS EBT licensing through technical assistance programs

  • Expand programs geared towards minority farmers

    • ​I will continue to support and expand programs that help Black and minority farmers, such as our Black Farmers Breakfast, which is designed to provide a networking opportunity for Black Farmers and local restaurant and business owners.

  • Connecting local farmers with essential technology

    • ​Recent studies have found that farmers who are tech-savvy have been better off than their counterparts that are not during COVID-19. We will work to connect local farmers with technology that’ll help them increase sales during and after the pandemic.




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