Move-in day during Hurricane Hermine?

On Thursday, September 1st I arrived to St. Petersburg around 11:30pm, 3 hours later than my original arrival time and 30 minutes before Hurricane Hermine was scheduled to hit St. Pete. We got to our hotel minutes before midnight, ordered some papa johns pizza and went straight to bed. We woke up Friday morning to inspect the damage done by Hurricane Hermine and there was none, besides flooding (which at the time I didn't think was that bad). We proceeded to Eckerd College for check-in and to get my room key. When we arrived at my dorm I realized how "bad" flooding really was, being that the whole sidewalk to my dorm was flooded. My mission for move-in day was to move-in without getting wet and I was semi-successful.

After moving-in for the last few days, I finally finished organizing my things and now I will spend all of today mentally preparing myself for (or crying about) classes on Monday (Yes, MONDAY! No labor day break for us). 


  Welp, this is all for my first blog. I will be sure to make a few more posts this week talking about my internship I did over the summer, as well as the conferences I was invited to attend. Thanks for reading! :)

Anjali Boyd