From the Mountains to the Sea (then to the conference & back to the classroom)

Welcome back to #LessonsFromTheOcean!


As some of you probably know, I was in Honolulu, Hawaii the week of March 3rd for the annual ASLO conference. I had the amazing opportunity of attending the conference, networking with professionals in my field and exploring Hawaii (for FREE)! At the ASLO conference I was able to attend a number of different presentations and hear about the ground-breaking research being conducted within my field. While exploring Hawaii, I got the opportunity to go hiking for the first time at Diamond Head, visit multiple beaches, experience the pacific ocean (also for the first time) and go snorkeling (it wasn't the first time, but it was definitely the BEST snorkel I've ever done). Watch the video below for more on my trip to Hawaii!


Just finished one of the most chaotic weeks of the semester (i.e. last week), having been gone for a full week of classes, I had a TON of things to catch-up on! This week has been the exact opposite of last week, I haven't had many assignments due, soooo I decided to fill my free-time with meetings (*SARCASM* it just so happened that the week I have free time, everyone wants to have meetings with me). Buttttt these meetings have been extremely inspiring, and I'm super excited about the upcoming projects I'll be working on! Lastly, below you'll find a semi-sarcastic list of updates:


1. I'm still living :)

2. Less than 24 hours away from the weekend :))

3. I got 8 hour of sleep for two days straight #winning :))) (currently back to getting less than 6 hours, #notwinning)

4. At the point in the semester, where I don't know how to appropriately answer certain questions. Ex: "How are classes going?" "They're going *awkwardly smiles*"

5. Still a marine science major (I threaten to change my major every time I have to take an exam)

6. I had two Spanish exams this week and for some reason I thought making a summary video of my trip to Hawaii was more important than studying.

now for the more serious updates:

7. I LOVEEEE my Principles of Ecology class, officially decided that I will be getting a PhD in marine ecology. I LOVE ECOLOGY.

8. In collaboration with Office of Admissions, I hosted a Facebook Live event to give prospective students a tour of the marine science building at Eckerd (GMSL) and discuss all the research opportunities we get! Check out the video here

9. It's currently March and I'm still going strong with my list of New Year Resolutions (seriously. no sarcasm here. very proud.)

10. SPRING BREAK IS IN A WEEK. COSTA RICA HERE I COME! (of course, there will be a video and summary post)


I hope you enjoy the Hawaii video (especially, considering I made it when I should have been studying for Spanish). 


p.s. Check out the new photos & quotes I added to my visual inspiration page!

Anjali Boyd