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Did You Hear That? Assessing Ocean Health Through Sound

Marine Science in the Morning

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Apr 22, 2021

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Smithsonian Marine Station

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Did you know you could determine the health of an ecosystem based on the noises you hear?! Ecosystem soundscapes consist of many different types of noise, each providing different information about an ecosystem, such as natural non-biological noise (e.g., rainfall, earthquakes), biological noise (e.g., species-specific sounds, biodiversity), and anthropogenic noise (e.g., boat noise, construction). For decades, scientists have used sound as a tool to access and monitor terrestrial ecosystems, from rainforests to urban cities. And with recent innovations in technology, marine scientists have also begun to utilize sound to collect critical information about vulnerable marine systems.

Join us, on Earth Day as we explore the power of sound and its ability to help scientists conserve, protect, and enhance marine ecosystems globally.

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