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Meet The Team

Ellie Siebeneck

Duke University

Biology (Pre-Med)

Ellie Siebeneck is currently a Sophomore at Duke University. She is planning on majoring in Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology with a Chemistry minor on the Pre-Health Track. Ellie has conducted research on a variety of different topics. During her freshman year at Duke, she worked with Dr. Adriane Fresh and her research team on the Mass Incarceration by Race Research Project. She also collaborated with Dr. Amanda Hargrove and Dr. Katie Hatstat to study how small molecules can bind to RNA by measuring different binding patterns. Additionally, Ellie has conducted an independent research project on smartphone usage and its correlation with gender, age, relationship status and education level. Currently, her research is focused on the impact that mesopredators can have on both marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Ellie's interests include Marine Biology, Evolutionary Anthropology, Biochemistry and International Medicine.

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